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Day 7 photos

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Day 7 – school visit, Kung Fu lesson and Gardens

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Today we spent our morning visiting s new school called Xingching Gardens P.S that has over 1800 students. When we arrived in the morning we were greeted by Mr Bill who took us on s tour of the school. We were surprised to see another school that has roller blading as part of the school curriculum.

Our first class for the day was a craft class where we learnt about rice dumplings and made paper dumplings and a lavender bag to help ward off evil spirits. After the class we gave our Chinese helpers some small gifts. We then went to have a small break where we play some basketball and even a students China V Australia soccer match. After that we went and have lunch with our Chinese principals before heading home and back to our hotel around 1pm.

We then went to have a Kung Fu lesson which everyone enjoyed. After our Kung Fu lesson we then got on the bus and went to visit the Humble Administrators Gardens which is a beautiful and tranquil garden which is on the UNESCO Heritage trust.

We then went out to dinner before racing back to the hotel to pack suitcase and great ready to head back to Shanghai later in the afternoon. Tomorrow morning we are going to Shuzou water town before our drive back to Shanghai

Day 6 photos

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Day 6- school visit and home stay family

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We woke early and we’re excited to start our day. This morning we were off to visit our sister school called Xinghai Primary School. It was huge. It has over 3500 students that attend the school. When we arrived at school we met the Principal Mr Hong and his right hand man, Fred. We were showed around the school and got to see a music class where the teacher. Was teaching the students about a traditional Chinese dance from Northern China. Louise joined in dancing and had a great time. We then went to to Ms Lilly’s class who welcomed us warmly. Students from her class put on some performances for us, playing musical instruments ,singing and dancing. They were great. Students from the class then gave everyone from our group lots of presents. Louise got 5 different Chinese gifts. After we left we went and had some lunch in the school cafeteria. We had a huge lunch with 15 + different dishes. We were very full after lunch. We then left school and got on the bus to head back to our hotel. At 2pm Louise and I were picked up by Amy’s family for and afternoon in Suzhou. We then picked Amy up early from school and travelled to the old city of Suzhou. We had a boat ride along the canals ,ate dumplings and looked in shops. It was very old city, 2000 years old. We then went to dinner and had a hot pot at a very nice restraunt. Louise didn’t like it too much but I enjoyed eating some different things including Ox and intestines. After we finished we were driven back to our hotel by Amy’s family. We said goodbye and were kindly given gifts from Amy’s family. We were given some sweets and a bamboo bird. We were all exhausted so so went to bed.

Tomorrow we are off to visit a new school, Xincheng Gardens PS as our other school has their National Testing day.

Day 5 photos

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Day 5 – Suzhou, silk museum, new hotel.

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We had to wake up quite early today, since we had to leave for Suzhou. Once we packed, we headed down to the Park Hotel lobby and we had breakfast, then we waited for a bus to pick us up and take us to Suzhou. When we hopped on the but we met Jenny, Jenny is our tour guide while we’re in Suzhou. The first stop was lunch. Lunch was the best! He food was so Yum! We had duck, I thought I wouldn’t like it, but it was yummy! Then we hopped back on the bus and went to the Silk Museum, we picked up silk worms, watched them spin the silk and we helped some ladies make a duvet, it was very fun! Next was the hotel, when we walked into the hotel we were amazed! It was so amazing! The lobby looks awesome! Then we went to our rooms, the rooms are massive! There are TV’s and a really nice bathroom. Then we went out to dinner, we had an amazing dinner! The sweet and sour pork was great! And the spicy dish was awesome too! Then we came back to the hotel and went to bed.

Day 4 photos

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