Day 1 – Sightseeing, Pearl Tower and Dumplings

May - 29 2015 | By

What a great day!
After a 7 course breakfast we left to try our hand at the Metro. Thank goodness Juncai was there. After a few faulty cards we were on our way to the Pearl tower. It was awesome!!! We all had a go at standing/sitting/laying on the glass that was 273? metres high. It was scary!!
The Chinese locals were quite amused with us ‘aussies’. They kept asking us for photos.. We think Fraser was a favourite..
Next up was lunch at a dumpling restaurant. We had our own private room which helped with he lack of chopstick skills. Everyone loved the dumplings and even managed to eat some fried rice with chopsticks. Verdict was the chicken dumplings for the win.. After lunch we travelled the metro again to the Jin Jang gardens and onto the markets.. I think we may need a couple more days to master the bartering system. The boys walked away smiling very happy with their efforts..
Arrived back to he motel around 6, a short time to Skype the families before we head out again for dinner..

Until next time
Miss G, Kurt, Fras and JT










  1. Mrs White says:

    Wow! Thanks for the updates guys. We miss you all very much. The playground seems to be so much quieter…
    It was Samuel and Simon’s (Sim-on) last day yesterday. It was sad to see them leave but we are sure they will make great friends at their new school.
    Mr Kennedy and Mr Price had a great day for their final day too. They ran a mini project where we got to design a new currency and we played T-Ball at Malone Park. Biggest hit went to Mr Price but Roey made him very nervous with his smashing hit!
    Stay safe!

  2. Olivia O says:

    Hey Fraser, James, Kurtley and Miss Gallagher,
    I hope you are having a good time and our student teachers have left and so have Samuel and Simon. We are now aloud to play on the oval now. We will talk to you on skype, I wish you all a great travel and Marong Primary School will be reading your blog. Stay safe :).

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