Day 3

May - 31 2015 | By

First of all, sorry a muck up with the days. Day 1 was the flight (not much to report on) and day 2 was pearl tower, dumplings, etc.

Now to day 3… After a sluggish start, we finally left the motel at 10am and didn’t stop until 10:30pm. Today consisted of the big red hop on hop off bus, where we saw many beautiful and some not so sights. It was great to sit, watch, listen and get our bearings to this amazing city.
The architecture and history were one not to forget, especially driving through the Jin Jiang gardens , where we were yesterday. The bund river looked awesome from land, we can’t wait to see it by water.
Lunch consisted of Spag Bol and a lemonade at a western restaurant in the pedestrian mall.
Next we tried our hand at bartering again.. A much better result. The boys came away with many goodies consisting of more beats, watches, personalised shirts, hats, sunnies and Lego.. Miss Gallagher even managed a handbag..
The time came to get the train home to freshen up before we headed to the circus. Overall consensus “just a little bit better than the one in Bendigo last year, kidding, it was the best circus ever!!”
We all absolutely loved it!!!!
The motorbikes, aerobics, trampolines, push bikes, it was all fantastic. They are all soo strong!!
It’s now 10:30 and we are back at the motel ready for bed..

Such a busy day. Early start tomorrow for tai chi and sword fighting in people square..

Until then,
Miss G, Kurt, Fras and James

One major thing to come from the day;
Pedestrian crossings and red lights must just be guidelines

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  1. Jacob S says:

    Hey JT, Kurt, Fras and Miss G. Hope your having a good time in China! I’ve read some of your posts and it looks like your having a good time anyway. JT, My soccer team beat Kyneton 3-0 and for 1 half I play GK and for the other half I play outfield and I played Striker.
    From The Amazing and Fantastic… Jacob S

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