Jun - 05 2015

Day 4,5,6 and 7 posts don’t appear to be showing

Day 5 – We are in Suzhou, visited Tiger Hill and ate traditional Chinese cuisine

Jun - 04 2015

Well we are now in Suzhou. Today we are under the guidance of a tour guide that will be with us for the duration of our time in Suzhou. Hey were very informative on the trip.. We all learnt something new.. Did you know that not all people in China eat an abundance of rice […]

Day 7

Jun - 04 2015

Day 7 – revisit to school, boat cruise of the Grand Canal, sight seeing of the Old Suzhou Streets and farmers market. We got picked up at 8:30 again by our lovely host Jane. She teaches English at our sister school. Our first class today was music. We played a string instrument that they called […]

Day 7 photos school visit and the grand canal cruises

Jun - 04 2015

Day 4 – planning museum, temple, more trains and more shopping

Jun - 01 2015

Another busy day! It’s hard to comprehend it’s Sunday. We woke early to walk to people square where we found so many activities.. The Chinese love their fitness. We first came across dancing. A person simply takes music and random people arrive at 7 to dance. It was amazing. We all got involved at first […]

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