Day 3- Yu Garden, sightseeing, markets and Shanghai river cruise.

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Day 3 in Shanghai was again another awesome day. After a big brekkie we assembled at around 9.30 and heading to the Metro to catch the train to our first activity for the day, the Yu Gardens. Catching the train seamed difficult at first but now we are all experts. After a few stops and a short walk we arrived at the gardens. The gardens are really beautiful and very relaxing.

After leaving the gardens we stopped for an ice cream and continued through the crowds on the way to the markets outside. Everyone enjoyed practicing the bartering and shopping skills, lots of little Chinese gifts were bought by the students.

Next we jumped on a Sightseeing bus and had a tour around the city. Everyone loved having a sit down as we are doing lots of walking, around 20km per day. The bus took us back to the markets and we then made our way to the Subway to catch our train back to our hotel.We had a late lunch of dumplings. They are amazing and very cheap, only $3 for a great feed.

After lunch we had a few hours of relaxing at the hotel. Everyone enjoyed a little break from all the walking and the heat. We then went to a restaurant for dinner. We had fried rice and Louise tried her first Chicken foot. She was brave and had a bite. It was very funny.I had one too but didn’t enjoy it very much.

Then we all got together as a big group and walked to the train station to head to our river cruise. We caught the train to a station, hopped off before a huge walk to the ferry for our cruise. It was amazing. All the buildings have amazing neon lights, pictures and advertisements that create an awesome light display. Photos just don’t do it justice! One of my favourites. The cruise went for about 40 minutes. We then walked a short distance and got to a new train station and eventually made it back by around 10pm. We were all exhausted and went straight to bed!

I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?

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