Day 4 – Science and Tech Market, planning museum and the Temple

Jun - 04 2017 | By

Today was really good! firstly, we woke up and I had a shower. Then we got ready for the day and half packed for Suzhou tomorrow. Next we hopped on the train and when to the Science and Tech Market. I decided to buy some more gifts, I have nearly bought all the gifts. Once we were done shopping we came back to the hotel for half an hour, we had hot potato chips, wontons and noodles, it was great to just eat some chips again! Once we ate our lunch we got on the train and we went to the Planning Museum, it was very interesting, there was models of old Shanghai and a MASSIVE model of modern Shanghai! Next was the Ji Juan temple, it was beautiful! There was a lot of detail in the wood carvings, and there was lots of statues of Buddha monk and other beautiful statues. Once we left there we came back to the hotel and we packed the rest of our suitcase. We are going out to dinner, we might even eat bull frog!

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